Umeå multipurpose: Theatre, Opera, Concert Hall

1984-89 - Umeå multipurpose: Theatre, Opera, Concert Hall, Sweden


The ceiling consist of a series of reflectors normally parked vertically in the stage tower, but horizontally placed is closing off this tower. The whole ceiling over the audience is a walkable open grid of "Elephant" grids hinged giving access for stage lightning and loudspeakers. At the same time exposing a huge void, where curtain tracks ensures that the right reverberation can be obtained for the actual performance.

Miklos Ölveczky was responsible for the stage technical facilities.

Modelstudies of different stage settings. The cardboard models illustrates how the side walls can be angled towards the audience in a position for theatre, and for opera by extending flaps in the walls, at the same time exposing an orchestra pit. For concerts the side walls are returned to the parallel situation.