Gothenburg Concert House, Gothenburg, Sweden

1992-02 - Gothenburg Concert House, Gothenburg, Sweden.


Gothenburg Konserthus. Open Reflector.

Next challenge was the ensemble conditions on the stage. Mounting complaints over a large reflector build in the eighties led us to test several ideas with the orchestra in full scale. We didn’t get a clear answer to our questionnaires. But I pursued my believe, that the reflector was wrong, since it closed off even more of the precious volume above, and only worsened the imbalance within the orchestra favoring the heavy instruments. Originally no reflector was envisaged, it was introduced to hide the big or gan pipes placed on top. I came upon the idea to design an open reflector, letting most of the orchestra sound through to the volume above, at the same time still returning sufficient energy to the orchestra to enhance the ensemble. That was actually what we had experimented with in the Oslo konserthus model.

This design was appreciated by the orchestra members, conductors, and the director of the concert house. Following we got an invitation to come to Stockholm to investigate the conditions on the podium.

Sture Carlsson verdict: "Vi tycker nog, att vi nu har Världens bästa Konserthus". - Att det nu har blivit i det närmeste perfekt är til stor del din förtjänst. "Sammenfatningsvis tycker vi, att du är den bäste rådgivare vi kunnet få."


Enlarge Sture Carlsson verdict