Linköping Concert Hall, Sweden

Prof. Armand Björkman and his young assistant Peter Erseus from White Architects and Jordan Akustik designed this hall in the best classical tradition with Musikvereinssal in Vienna as one of the models.

The project is typically of a hall in a middle seize Scandinavian city. Besides being the home of the local symphony orchestra it also has to function as opera/musical theatre and not least as congress and assembly hall. Hence balconies were replaced by a side box running on each side which meant that the audience at all occasions could be kept at one floor level.

The shoebox shape with an audience of 1200 requires a volume of around 16.000 m3 to achieve the desired classical RT and EDT of 2,0 sec. This can be reduced for opera to 1,7 sec. and for speech to 1.4 sec. By a variable acoustic system.