The Glenn Gould Studio, CBC, Toronto, Canada

This exciting project to create a small performance Studio in the new CBC headquarter in Toronto came to Jordan Akustik in the most fairytale H.C.Andersen way. A CBC delegation found a studio at the Swedish Radio in Stockholm to be their model, a studio we did, and we got the commission for the acoustic design. The following verdict expressed by the leading teacher E. Agopian in the music dept. at Calgary University accounts for the studios outstanding success:

"The concert I attended featured solo and chamber works for woodwinds, brass, strings and piano. Individual instruments which are usually difficult to hear in an ensemble, such as the bassoon, double bass, cello, oboe, had incredible sonority and presence. The acoustics of the hall enhanced the individual character of each instrument, added a wonderful warm and lyrical quality to slow musical lines and did not have a blurring effect on the fast passages. The hall has the spectacular ability to enhance the most delicate colouring in one's playing. The intimate and mesmerising listening experience was attainable by sitting anywhere in the hall - there were no 'bad' seats."



Enlarge Edmond Agopian verdict